Our service lines are focused around our mission – to partner with our
clients to provide them exceptional services and solutions that enable them
to focus on and improve their core business.

Our services fall into the following three groups:

Business Advisory Consulting
This group’s mission is to assist our clients with their business / technology planning and strategy development. We also assist them with their internal business processes toward the end of becoming more efficient and effective.

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IT Consulting
This group’s mission is to deploy and support systems and solutions that
enhance and improve our client’s business. We engage our clients anywhere
they may be in the solution lifecycle – whether at the outset of a new
technology initiative or to support an existing system they already have in

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Project Management Consulting
This group’s mission is to assist our clients with the effective implementation
of projects and programs. Our clients may outsource their project management function to us and we work with our client’s resources, third party vendors,
and Cornerstone resources to ensure their project is completed successfully.
We also assist our clients with implementing sound project management
practices within their organization to operate more efficiently and to deliver
their projects with greater rates of success.

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New solutions to allow for greater collaboration
and communication among
our client’s resources, customers and partners.